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Prediction character Adele; “Blessed woman from UK”

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The same numerical symbol on the date and month of birth reinforce the picture above. Numerical symbol is usually associated with material wealth, fortune and the availability of food. It also describes the numerical symbol of Adele was able to make a problem into a blessing. For him there is no problem that can not be resolved, there is always a solution of the problem is happening.

From a numerical symbol of birth; stored energy is very large, which could destroy anything. Changing the lack of a common habit is not a big deal for him. Anything can be done as long as she wanted to do it. Repetition numeric symbols on the date, month and year of birth confirmed habit of repeating something he’d do.

Both have collaborated with their date of birth and 15 or 25.
Health problems to watch out for, especially related to the joint organs, nerves and upper limbs.

This is only predisi, because only God Almighty’s right for all his will.

Lady Gaga Predictions 2010, “Although wary at the end of the year … ..?”

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Prediction Lady Gaga 2010. In 2010 for Lady Gaga is identical to the symbol number 25. From this numerical symbol to read the dominant psychiatric conditions
this year. Conditions where, heart covered indecision, doubt in your choices. Required a advisers not to choose wrong. Health problems that need to be aware mainly related to the organs eyes, hands and lungs – lung. This prediction is dominant place between 28 June to 27 September 2010.

In this period is you must be alert and introspective. Picture looks like someone who was also his knees energy vortex that may be out of control. This prediction is dominant place between 28 September 2010 to 27 November 2010

These are just predictions alone, because God alone is supreme right over all of his will.

1. just got one at the event in appreciation of the AMA awards 2010. Here’s the list of winners from last weekend’s AMA

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