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Numerical predictions of the meaning of the Nokia 808 PureView

Posted in Culture with tags , , , , , , on 2012/02/29 by PREdiction

There are indications product Nokia 808 pureview will not be successful in the market. Numeric symbol 808 could explain in detail why nokia product is not spoiled by the world market. There are some negative characteristics by comparing the numerical symbol Pemakian 808. The first numerical symbol 8 is usually associated with something that smells of blood or violence or deprivation of valuable items. Use of numerical symbols 8 at the beginning and end further attests to the meaning of the above. The second numerical symbol 80 is usually associated with feelings of great disappointment that probably can not tell with words. The third numerical symbol 88 means doom.

From the description of the numerical significance that are stored on the Nokia 808 pureview certainly did not look positive energy that can make consumers interested in having.

This is only a prediction, because only God is almighty over all his will.

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