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Prediction of Queen Elizabeth II in 2011, “The year covered the funeral??”

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Prediction of Queen Elizabeth II 2011. In 2011 for the noble queen Elizabeth II is identical to the numeric symbols 86, the numerical description can be in the said several events that might occur. Hopefully, this prediction can be useful for the noble Queen Elizabeth II. Periods despite concern are:

21 January 2011-20 February 2011. In this period reflected a major event that will surely happen and can not be avoided. There is a picture of a very large wind and continuously hit.

21 April 2011-20 May 2011. In this period described as the glorious Queen Elizabeth II, despite the heavy burdens that befall him. Like behind every difficulty there is relief there is a way out.

21 May 2011-20 June 2011. In this period also reflected the joy of grief tucked inside.

21 July 2011-20 October 2011. This period was dominant this year. I also do not understand why at this stage as there will be recommendations for introspection, from which comes and will come back where? indeed as if the conversion phase to be the best man.

21 november 2011-20 december 2012. In the period has been described as a candle light illuminates every corner of darkness, but in the end could wax dim and die.

These are just mere prediction, because only true God alone is Supreme over all will – him.


1. Australia observes a day of mourning for the victims of bushfires which swept were joined by Princess Anne, on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II. ..

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