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Prediction of Oprah Winfrey in 2010, “The Year that brings blessing and change”

Posted in Celebrities with tags , , , , on 2010/09/15 by PREdiction

Prediction Oprah Winfrey. Year 2010 provides a numeric 52, this figure gives the meaning of symbols of the highest point is like someone who was on top of a hill. Achieving satisfaction of having the character of both material and spiritual is the best at this time. This picture of the dominant place in the period 29 April 2010 until 28 July 2010.

Period 29 July 2010-28 August 2010, shows the conflict syimbols interent that might occur related to family problems.

Period 29 April 2010-28 October 2010, at this period that I call will occur before a change that may never happen or entirely mistaken.

This is just a mere prediction, because only God Almighty is True for all of His Will.

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