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Ricky Williams a Leader a thinker

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Ricky Williams a leader of a thinker. From the date of his birth heis a figure describing a trust worthy and have a leadership that can be followed by the community. From this date also told he was a man always think twice when an idea came to him, so the decisionwas the best decision that could be accounted for.

Ricky Williams a leader of a thinker. Describes the birth of the moon have an exact formulation in dealing with problems so tha the could come out as a winner. From this date also tells him thathe was more listening. He was an exemplary family.

Ricky Williams a leader of a thinker. From the year of his birth hewas describing a group of people who sent in and only good for the environment.

Ricky Williams a leader of a thinker. Will create a mutually beneficial relationship when collaborating with those who have a birth rate of 1 or 11. Although aware of health problems, especially related to the ENT organs and circulatory system.

It’s just a prediction, because only God is mighty over all His will.

Reggie Bush’s prediction in 2010, “Better even more vigilant”.

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Reggie Bush’s prediction in 2010. In  the rest of the time between the date of 2 September 2010 until Januari 1, 2010, detected some events that might happen and be prepared for it. Perhaps the incident – the next event will be far greater problem than the previous events. And not always the events that would occur associated with physical injury alone but may be associated with psychiatric problems. Injury time is not this seem a big problem, instead of this event will provide an abundance of material fact extraordinary. That should be aware of are events that may occur at the end of this year.

It’s just a mere prediction, because only God the Almighty is true for all of his will.

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