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Google Predictions 2010, “Many plans are not achieved …??”

Posted in Entrepreneur with tags , , , , , , on 2010/10/02 by PREdiction

Prediction Google 2010. This year for goole identical to the symbol number 12. This figure inform you that google have one very big ambitions to remain the king of the world on line. Besides, more observant google begin counting again in the field of budget within the framework of the company’s financial efficiency. Two of these big plans start at google planned at the beginning of the year, precisely between 27 January 2010 to 26 March 2010. And Google will evaluate all work program between 27 December 2010 to 26 January 2011.

Happy birthday Mr. Google. Until this period are still many plans that have not been achieved, particularly the financial sector efficiency plan. Obviously there are feelings of frustration and even less confident that the show by some wisdom in the company’s decision. This prediction is dominant place between 27 September 2010 to 26 October 2010.

These are just predictions alone, because God alone is supreme right over all of his will.

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