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Prediction Michelle Obama 2011, “The best time is between 17 April 2011 to July 16, 2011”.

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Prediction Michelle Obama 2011. Year 2011 for Michelle Obama is identical to numerical symbol 48, the numerical description can be in the said several events that might occur. From domestic problems, grief, new experiences and of course happiness. Periods despite concern are:

January 17, 2011 – February 16, 2011. Period despite the negative aura that reflected aware might happen. Preview shocks that are ready to destroy the earth. health problems that need to be aware mainly deal with lungs and liver.

17 April 2011 – July 16 2011. I call this period the best period that will occur in 2010. Good to plan work that does seem heavy to be completed during this period, in order to get results as expected. Health problems that need to be aware mainly associated with reproductive organs, circulatory system and ENT.

July 17, 2011 – 16 August 2011. This period need to be wary of the negative aura usually associated with family conflict. Positive aura is your image of the higher value. Health problems related mainly to watch denganorgan ENT and head.

August 17, 2011 – 16 September 2011. I call this period there will be a new chapter in your life that perhaps had never happened or you actually repeat the events that indeed you ever experienced. Health disorder to watch out mainly associated with head and stomach organs.

December 17, 2011 – January 16, 2012. This period also was a time that should be aware of the picture is not too far from what happened in the early period of this year.

These are just predictions alone, because God alone is supreme right over all His will.

Congratulations and success for you First Lady  Michelle Obama ..

Prediction Barack Obama in 2010, “The Year Re-Evaluation, Indonesia between October to November 2010??”

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Prediction Barack Obama. Year 2010 is identical to the numerical symbol 50. A minimum there are two meanings hidden behind these numerical symbol; ONE will conduct a re-evaluation of all pre-planned policy, both policies relating to issues within the city, as well as related international politics. TWO will continue to be one of the most influential figures in international politics pencaturan. This occurs predominantly in the period 4 november 2010-3 January 2011.

Period 4 August 2010-3 September 2010. I call it the black during this period. There are many things that seemed to threaten both personally and politically. portrayed like that which comes ready to roll and meluluh lantahkan.

Period 4 October 2010-3 november 2010. Period compromise, talks and multilatral bilatral important and certainly influential for economic policy and politics in and outside America seem to happen in this period. Including the best time to realize their plans to visit Indonesia?

It’s just a mere prediction, because only God Almighty is true for all His will.

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