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Prediction Wayne Rooney 2011; Something new at the end of the year?!

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Prediction Wayne Rooney 2011. Wazza is a light, driving directions, water, and the chain of things. Presumably a series  of words that could reresent his  character in daily interaction. Latent weakness of body organs or   otherwise lies in the eyes,bones and joints.

Prediction Wayne Rooney 2011. In 2011 the annual period ofthe cycle; show picture like an ant. Ants are social creatureswho can not work alone and can not produce masterpieces that are individually. This all teaches how to work smarter in the team to produce a glorious achievement. From this picture also hints at this year probably will not get a prestigious individualinterpretation. This cycle is dominant in the period 24 January to 23 April 2011.

Prediction Wayne Rooney 2011. In the cycle period of 24october to 23 november 2011; show as if you fall prostrate.Many meanings that can be taken, the important thing is how tobehave when this happens.

Prediction Wayne Rooney 2011. In cycle 24 november to 23 december 2011;  showed a new efisode that even in passing. May all good.This is just a mere prediction, because only God almighty rightover all His will.

1. In october; UEFA will discuss Wayne Rooney’s red card against Montenegro during a meeting on Thursday.

The England striker was ordered off after kicking Miodrag Dzudovic during the 2-2 draw in Podgoric on Friday.

Rooney is widely expected to receive a two-match ban but referee Wolfgang Stark believes the Manchester United player’s calm reaction to his decision could work in his favour.

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