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Prediction meaning unique numbers 10-10-10

Posted in Culture with tags , , on 2010/10/09 by PREdiction

From metologi science that I learned to be disclosed the hidden meaning of the combination ladder 10 months 10 years 2010 or 101 010. Besides the unique look of this figure feels so easy to remember so many people who make this moment to be a historic day in starting something weddings for example.

Figures 1. This is addressing a new round in the life also informs something I wanted to look different when compared to the others. Always intending to be the first one is very familiar meaning in the community. Downside is that too high a sense of ego that I felt only the most important circuit number 1 1 1 = 3 shows the pattern of balance between input and output. The meaning of this balance is emphasized again with the view numbers 10-10 -10. Hopefully for those who took, bil this moment to hold a wedding ceremony can absorb a positive aura to balance the various things in his home life.

Figures 10. Symbols of fertility that connotes with water or ocean. Ocean is a source of endless resources for the exploration of its content by humans in the entire universe. This is good news, which probably will emit an aura of success and wealth for those who really believe it. Repetition rates 10-10-10 clarify the meaning of the above. The downside is sometimes the seas can destroy everything we have is like the Tsunami that had ever happened. The series of numbers 10 10 10 = 30, this figure confirms again feeling more superior owned, the positive aura emitted hard worker who is ready to conquer the whole world who are also lovers of beauty and women.

Note: If there are believed to be a disaster 10-10-10, which most likely is a water-related disasters.

These are just predictions alone, because God alone is supreme right over all his will.

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