Prediction the meaning of the numbers 11-11-11;…..??

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Prediction the meaning of the numbers 11-11-11. As a stand alone item 11 implies the ground. From the land back to the ground; land of origin of life and end of life. Only land that could take all anything that is given to him, sweet taste bitter or anything. Snatched that can shut anything intentionally hidden or not.

In a letter to 11 Al Quran has been informed that some disaster befalls on the previous behavior and the vagaries of behavior because that’s outside the limits of reasonableness.

Prediction of the meaning of the numbers 11-11-11. In this 11-11-11 was the day Friday. From Abu Hurairah that Muhammad radhiyallohu anhu shallallohu alaihi wasallam said, “Lord of the day the sun rises it is Friday; her Adam was created, inserted into heaven and also issued therefrom as well as the Apocalypse not happened but rather on Friday “(narrated by Muslim)

Prediction of the meaning of the numbers 11-11-11. When we realize none of these are worth that God created and containing goals and purpose we have to dig and learn.

This is only a Prediction mere, because only God alone Is true over all his will.


Prediction Lady Gaga 2011; Not the best year?!

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Prediction Lady Gaga 2011. Manager self-taught, orotar, two elements of this word can represent his personal   character in every day interaction. Weakness of the physical organ that lies latent in the eyes, circulatory system and stomach.

Prediction Lady Gaga 2011. At the annual cycle of 2011, show numeric symbol that shows the meaning;  “I ​​am a real artist”.This symbol could mean other negative connotations and should even be careful in this period of the cycle. This cycle isseen predominantly in the period 28 June to 27 September2011.

Prediction Lady Gaga 2011. Likewise numeric symbols at the end of the cycle period of 2011. Negative energy picture looks very dominant in this period. This cycle is seen predominantlyin the period 28 October to 27 January 2011.

This is just a prediction, because only God Almighty’s right over all His will.

Prediction Wayne Rooney 2011; Something new at the end of the year?!

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Prediction Wayne Rooney 2011. Wazza is a light, driving directions, water, and the chain of things. Presumably a series  of words that could reresent his  character in daily interaction. Latent weakness of body organs or   otherwise lies in the eyes,bones and joints.

Prediction Wayne Rooney 2011. In 2011 the annual period ofthe cycle; show picture like an ant. Ants are social creatureswho can not work alone and can not produce masterpieces that are individually. This all teaches how to work smarter in the team to produce a glorious achievement. From this picture also hints at this year probably will not get a prestigious individualinterpretation. This cycle is dominant in the period 24 January to 23 April 2011.

Prediction Wayne Rooney 2011. In the cycle period of 24october to 23 november 2011; show as if you fall prostrate.Many meanings that can be taken, the important thing is how tobehave when this happens.

Prediction Wayne Rooney 2011. In cycle 24 november to 23 december 2011;  showed a new efisode that even in passing. May all good.This is just a mere prediction, because only God almighty rightover all His will.

1. In october; UEFA will discuss Wayne Rooney’s red card against Montenegro during a meeting on Thursday.

The England striker was ordered off after kicking Miodrag Dzudovic during the 2-2 draw in Podgoric on Friday.

Rooney is widely expected to receive a two-match ban but referee Wolfgang Stark believes the Manchester United player’s calm reaction to his decision could work in his favour.

Prediction Maher Zain 2011; Beware Faxtor X??

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Maher Zain is a bee. The character of animals and multi-usemulti-function, the mewakil how he interacts in daily life.
Prediction Maher Zein 2011. The dominant symbol in 2011 showed faxtor X and prolematik sourced from the family; will greatly affectall activities of daily living. This cycle happens to look very dominantduring the period 16 June to 15 September 2011.
Cycle 16 January to 15 April 2011, showing a large surge of ambition that even addressed wisely. Cycle that shows the blessings and happiness is reflected in the period 16 April to 15 May 2011 and 16 September to 15 October 2011.
Cycle 16 December to 15 January 2012, this period shows a picture of a king. Are you really going to be king in this year ??
This is just a mere prediction, because only God almighty right over all His will.

Prediction Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan in 2011; Problematic and woman?!

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Prediction Sheikh Mansour bin zayed Al Nahyan 2011. From a numerical symbol in 2011 showed a picture of various issues that look complex and very dominant when compared with other numerical symbols in the period this year. It is very dominant place in the early period of the year. At mid-year the symbol actually looks pretty charming angel. What the hell was going to happen in this period? At the end of the period is fulfilled what was the wisdom of all the events that have occurred.

This is just a mere prediction, because only God Almighty is true for all His will.

Prediction of President Barack Obama in 2011; Warning !! Mr. Obama.

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Barack Obama’s presidential prediction 2011.In 2011 for Obama is identical to the numerical symbol 51. These numerical symbols describe the energy content of a very large destroyer. Like two sides of the coin of this energy can destroy other people, the environment and even yourself can be devastated by it. Destroy or be destroyed such a possibility could happen. Like the above picture looks very dominant place in the early period of the year and year-end. Also the period 4 August 2011 to 3 September 2011.

This is just a mere prediction, because only God Almighty is true for all His will.

1. Barack Obama has reached an agreement with Republican and Democratic congressional leaders aimed at ending the US debt deadlock that threatened to throw the US and world economy into chaos.

2. The US Geological Survey said the earthquake measured 5.8 on the Richter scale and was centered 83 miles southwest of Washington, D.C.

3. “The southeastern United States in general and Florida in particular should be paying attention to this storm,” said meteorologist Dennis Feltgen, spokesman for the National Hurricane Center. “Make sure you have your hurricane plan in place.”

4. US president confirms al-Qaeda leader’s death, saying he has beenkilled in firefight following US raid in Abbottabad.

5. “On the day of the death of Libyan leader Khadafi is one historic day for the Libyan people,” said UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, as reported by Reuters on Thursday (10/20/2011)


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Prediction champions league final 2011 Barcelona vs Manchester united. Manchester united 2011, identical to the numerical symbol 11. This symbol informs feelings, land and energy destroyer. Man Utd will play very aggressive and may be very dominant over the field. However, large energy when not accompanied with patience will be dangerous to yourself and may be destroyed by it.

Barcelona in 2011 is identical to the numerical symbol 14. This symbol informs planning, emotional stability and purity of faith. Barca will play quieter more focused and emotion will not be easy.

From the second meaning above seemed numerical Barcelona with careful planning would be more likely to win the champions league finals 2011. These are just predictions alone, because God alone is supreme right over all of his will.

Fact :

MADRID, May 28 (Xinhua) — The celebrations began in Barcelona almost as soon as the referee blew the final whistle to confirm FC Barcelona as European Champions following their 3-1 win in the final of the Champions League against Manchester United at Wembley on Saturday.

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