Prediction Cause of death of The Diva Whitney Houston.

Whitney Houston expressed to die on 11 – 02 – 2012 hour 15.15 local time at age 48 year, In floor four Hotel of Baverly Hilton California.

Symbol of numeric above which in the form of Year, Hour and Age of the Whitney Houston diva can express what possibility of cause of its death. Year 2012 = 12, Hour 15.15 = 1+5+1+5 = 12, Age 48 = 4 + 8 = 12. And 12 = 1+2 = 3

symbol of numeric 12 usually relate to sex, properties and ambition. While numeric symbol 3 usually relate to gender that is a man. Is cause of death of the diva, Whitney Houston because something that relate to sex and his perpetrator a man ?

This only just Prediksi, because only real correct just God the most to the all its will desire.

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