Predicted Year 2012; year full of ambition, sex and materialistic

Three elements of words may not be able to summarize itaccurately to express the implied meaning of the number of 2012numbers. Year 2012 is the year of attainment of worldly success, but the dry with the values ​​of the deity. Besides the significance of the above numbers also inform the figures of 2012, among others,the following matters.

Simplifying the number of 2012 numbers to be 5 to inform the wealth, prosperity and food security.

Prediction of social-cultural issues in 2012
Number of 2012 numbers meaning that implies sexual arousal; lead to increased cases of pornography, infidelity and divorcestatistics, the numbers increase. Entertainment will be fulfilled by the film, sex-themed music that may be the most salable in the market.

Predictions of the economic problems of 2012
Meaning the number of 2012 numbers which imply world lyambitions; trigger significant economic development. business sector engaged in telecomucations, aerospace and bank  is the most shining business sector this year.

Prediction of natural disasters in 2012
Meaning the number of 2012 numbers that imply the atmosphere; trigger catastrophic cases related to the condition of the universe, may be you should be more vigilant when traveling by plane ??

It’s just a prediction, because only God Almighty is true for all His.


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