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Numerical predictions of the meaning of the Nokia 808 PureView

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There are indications product Nokia 808 pureview will not be successful in the market. Numeric symbol 808 could explain in detail why nokia product is not spoiled by the world market. There are some negative characteristics by comparing the numerical symbol Pemakian 808. The first numerical symbol 8 is usually associated with something that smells of blood or violence or deprivation of valuable items. Use of numerical symbols 8 at the beginning and end further attests to the meaning of the above. The second numerical symbol 80 is usually associated with feelings of great disappointment that probably can not tell with words. The third numerical symbol 88 means doom.

From the description of the numerical significance that are stored on the Nokia 808 pureview certainly did not look positive energy that can make consumers interested in having.

This is only a prediction, because only God is almighty over all his will.

Predictions obama 2012; “The next President of the United States”

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Predictions obama 2012 the next President of the United States.  This prediction is based on numerical facts in the matter of Barack obama in 2012. You may not believe it but the numerical significance of the facts obtained provide Obama’s picture on the opportunity to re-sit in the White House.

Predictions Barack Obama the next President of the United States. On the count of 2012 for President Obama is identical to the numerical symbol 52. There are two hidden meaning behind these 52 numerical symbols. The first of these numerical symbols describe a hill. The second numerical symbols describe the most high. Numerical symbol is very dominant in the period December 4/11/2012 until the date 3/01/2013. Correlation can be inferred from the description of the numerical meaning of the above is no greater opportunity to sit in the highest position in that time period. Is not the American presidential election of 2012 will be held on 6/11/2012 ?

Predictions Barack Obama the next President of the United States. But the move toward to the White House for a second time is not easy, because there is a big problem that although the picture was completed prior to that. Problem was seen in the period from 4/04/2012 until 3/05/2012 and 4/09/2012 to 3/11/2012 date period.

It’s just a prediction, because only God is mighty over all his will.

Prediction character Adele; “Blessed woman from UK”

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The same numerical symbol on the date and month of birth reinforce the picture above. Numerical symbol is usually associated with material wealth, fortune and the availability of food. It also describes the numerical symbol of Adele was able to make a problem into a blessing. For him there is no problem that can not be resolved, there is always a solution of the problem is happening.

From a numerical symbol of birth; stored energy is very large, which could destroy anything. Changing the lack of a common habit is not a big deal for him. Anything can be done as long as she wanted to do it. Repetition numeric symbols on the date, month and year of birth confirmed habit of repeating something he’d do.

Both have collaborated with their date of birth and 15 or 25.
Health problems to watch out for, especially related to the joint organs, nerves and upper limbs.

This is only predisi, because only God Almighty’s right for all his will.

Prediction Cause of death of The Diva Whitney Houston.

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Whitney Houston expressed to die on 11 – 02 – 2012 hour 15.15 local time at age 48 year, In floor four Hotel of Baverly Hilton California.

Symbol of numeric above which in the form of Year, Hour and Age of the Whitney Houston diva can express what possibility of cause of its death. Year 2012 = 12, Hour 15.15 = 1+5+1+5 = 12, Age 48 = 4 + 8 = 12. And 12 = 1+2 = 3

symbol of numeric 12 usually relate to sex, properties and ambition. While numeric symbol 3 usually relate to gender that is a man. Is cause of death of the diva, Whitney Houston because something that relate to sex and his perpetrator a man ?

This only just Prediksi, because only real correct just God the most to the all its will desire.

Ricky Williams a Leader a thinker

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Ricky Williams a leader of a thinker. From the date of his birth heis a figure describing a trust worthy and have a leadership that can be followed by the community. From this date also told he was a man always think twice when an idea came to him, so the decisionwas the best decision that could be accounted for.

Ricky Williams a leader of a thinker. Describes the birth of the moon have an exact formulation in dealing with problems so tha the could come out as a winner. From this date also tells him thathe was more listening. He was an exemplary family.

Ricky Williams a leader of a thinker. From the year of his birth hewas describing a group of people who sent in and only good for the environment.

Ricky Williams a leader of a thinker. Will create a mutually beneficial relationship when collaborating with those who have a birth rate of 1 or 11. Although aware of health problems, especially related to the ENT organs and circulatory system.

It’s just a prediction, because only God is mighty over all His will.

Predicted Year 2012; year full of ambition, sex and materialistic

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Three elements of words may not be able to summarize itaccurately to express the implied meaning of the number of 2012numbers. Year 2012 is the year of attainment of worldly success, but the dry with the values ​​of the deity. Besides the significance of the above numbers also inform the figures of 2012, among others,the following matters.

Simplifying the number of 2012 numbers to be 5 to inform the wealth, prosperity and food security.

Prediction of social-cultural issues in 2012
Number of 2012 numbers meaning that implies sexual arousal; lead to increased cases of pornography, infidelity and divorcestatistics, the numbers increase. Entertainment will be fulfilled by the film, sex-themed music that may be the most salable in the market.

Predictions of the economic problems of 2012
Meaning the number of 2012 numbers which imply world lyambitions; trigger significant economic development. business sector engaged in telecomucations, aerospace and bank  is the most shining business sector this year.

Prediction of natural disasters in 2012
Meaning the number of 2012 numbers that imply the atmosphere; trigger catastrophic cases related to the condition of the universe, may be you should be more vigilant when traveling by plane ??

It’s just a prediction, because only God Almighty is true for all His.

Prediction character Victoria Azarenka

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Prediction character Victoria Azarenka.  From the sum digit date of birth she portrayed a woman who will bear the shocks that come to him. Like a house he was the pillar so that it can stand up right. If the date of his birth he was a figure standing alone portrayed the spirit of divinity. However from this figure also shows he was a very difficult to understand as to what path his thinking. Many factors should be used to analyze it.

Prediction character Victoria Azarenka.  From birth month figures put him in a high position in his community. Negativity of this condition is much easier to judge others than to judge them selves. Another thing that portrayed the meaning of numbers is the birth month he was the one that is needed by the environment.

From the figures year of his birth he was the sun that could illuminate the entire world, which turns darkness into light, which can burn anything to the heat.

Health problems to watch out though, especially related to respiratory organ and bone.

Whether collaborating with those who have a birth date of 1.11and 13.

This is just a prediction, because only God almighty right over all his will.

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