Prediction Cristiano Ronaldo 2011, “Work smart, women and karma??”

Prediction Cristiano Ronaldo 2011. Year 2011 for the CR7 is identical with the numerical symbol 27, the meaning of these numbers can be predicted several events that will occur dominant. Elements of women, work smart and karma seemed to be dominant in 2011.

Prediction Cristiano Ronaldo 2011. February 5, 2011 – March 4, 2011. Putting yourself in the right position in order, meaning that it might be time for you to try to evaluate yourself that indeed there is something wrong with your self. If this is correlated with the aggressiveness on the gridiron will look barren to score a goal.

March 5, 2011 – April 4, 2011. Change is a natural nature can not be avoided. Something new is coming toward you. Symbols numerical value 1 in this period can also hinted that the real quality of your green field.

Prediction Cristiano Ronaldo 2011. May 5, 2011 – October 4, 2011. This is the most dominant period occurred in the period of 2011. Work smart, women and karma will adorn the sheets in 2011. Select and aggregated with the common sense that you think will not destroy the career you have built.

5 November 2011-4 December 2011. There are two things I want my words to you during this period. The decision weight you should still take great risks and although it does play with heart in the field do not have to comply with emotion in order to avoid sanctions.

These are just predictions solely because the only true God alone is Supreme over all His will.

Fact :

1.  Spending quality time with one another to kick off the year, Cristiano Ronaldoand Irina Shayk were spotted on holiday in the Maldives on Monday (January 3).

The Spanish soccer superstar and his Russian girlfriend both looked fit and fine in their swimwear while basking on the shore of the Indian Ocean island nation.


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