Prediction of 2011, “Beware of natural disasters??”

Prediction for the Economy

Globally there is a reduction trend of economic growth when viewed from a numerical indicator of the number in 2011. Number 11 which symbolizes taste and ground straps, suggests so. Land is a catwalk where the footing is at its lowest. However, the sum of digits in 2011 to produce a value of 4, number 4 which represents the framework and women. What is the meaning? despite slowing trend in economic growth this year but is not likely to be too severe because terkonter by the meaning of the number 4. This year also implied meaning there will be more women who are very brilliant career to beat the men.

Stock Market Prediction

Suggested for stockbrokers to concentrate and collect stock-related products – agricultural products, plantations and mining.

Prediction Culture

The market will tend to like movies, music or books with the theme of women or sentimental romantic story.

Prediction Nature

From the implied meaning of number 11 is also information about natural disasters preach both earthquake and catastrophic flooding. The trend occurred in the point of 45-90 degrees.

These are just predictions simply because only god who is most true of all his will.


1. Japan March 11, 2011, the day the tsunami accompanied the earthquake which struck the country in a video japanese

2. SEP.20,2011 CHINA To say floods have always been on the earth is idiotic and a pathetic attempt to deny God’s …. 7

3. The Thai government vowed Friday that Bangkok’s defenses will protect it from the worst flood waters in decades, which have devastated large swathes of the country and are now surging toward the capital. (Oct. 14)

4. CAGAYAN DE ORO (4th UPDATE) – President Aquino on Tuesday declared a state of national calamity in the wake of devastation brought by tropical storm Sendong.

3 Responses to “Prediction of 2011, “Beware of natural disasters??””

  1. buttercup1976 Says:

    There will be more than just earthquakes and flooding; My spirit is unrested.
    Only God will bring people to there knees and make them realize what they have been missing in him. What people think they have is not always neccessarily what it is real or truth

  2. Thanks to the Glen Beck wannabees this sort of talk is usually taken as fact.

  3. I am almost sure this topic was presented on Nightline

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