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AFF Cup Final Prediction 2010 Indonesia Vs Malayasia, “Indonesia is not a champion”

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Year 2010 for PSSI identical with the numerical symbol 81. From this numerical symbol meaning in one condition information obtained by the extraordinary energy that proverbial can destroy anything, could destroy mountain once. Downside is it is destructive energy that would destroy if not organized properly. In the period 19 December 2010 to 18 January 2011, the symbol that is identical to the PSSI is the number 31. The symbol of this numerical inform the X factor and problems.

When the numerical meaning of the above correlated with the current condition seems Garuda team will experience a very serious difficulties to be able to emerge as champions in the final fight AFF 2010. X factor to watch out by all possible potential unrest that would occur due to act of the red team and white supporters. Hopefully this does not happen.

These are just predictions simply because only Allah alone is the Most Correct all His will.


JAKARTA, – Kesebelasan nasional Indonesia mampu menang 2-1 atas Malaysia, pada leg kedua final Piala AFF 2010, di Gelora Bung Karno, Rabu (29/12/2010). Indonesia pun mengakhiri turnamen sebagai runner-up, mengingat mereka kalah 0-3, pada leg pertama, Minggu (26/12/2010).


Prediction Cristiano Ronaldo 2011, “Work smart, women and karma??”

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Prediction Cristiano Ronaldo 2011. Year 2011 for the CR7 is identical with the numerical symbol 27, the meaning of these numbers can be predicted several events that will occur dominant. Elements of women, work smart and karma seemed to be dominant in 2011.

Prediction Cristiano Ronaldo 2011. February 5, 2011 – March 4, 2011. Putting yourself in the right position in order, meaning that it might be time for you to try to evaluate yourself that indeed there is something wrong with your self. If this is correlated with the aggressiveness on the gridiron will look barren to score a goal.

March 5, 2011 – April 4, 2011. Change is a natural nature can not be avoided. Something new is coming toward you. Symbols numerical value 1 in this period can also hinted that the real quality of your green field.

Prediction Cristiano Ronaldo 2011. May 5, 2011 – October 4, 2011. This is the most dominant period occurred in the period of 2011. Work smart, women and karma will adorn the sheets in 2011. Select and aggregated with the common sense that you think will not destroy the career you have built.

5 November 2011-4 December 2011. There are two things I want my words to you during this period. The decision weight you should still take great risks and although it does play with heart in the field do not have to comply with emotion in order to avoid sanctions.

These are just predictions solely because the only true God alone is Supreme over all His will.

Fact :

1.  Spending quality time with one another to kick off the year, Cristiano Ronaldoand Irina Shayk were spotted on holiday in the Maldives on Monday (January 3).

The Spanish soccer superstar and his Russian girlfriend both looked fit and fine in their swimwear while basking on the shore of the Indian Ocean island nation.

Prediction of 2011, “Beware of natural disasters??”

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Prediction for the Economy

Globally there is a reduction trend of economic growth when viewed from a numerical indicator of the number in 2011. Number 11 which symbolizes taste and ground straps, suggests so. Land is a catwalk where the footing is at its lowest. However, the sum of digits in 2011 to produce a value of 4, number 4 which represents the framework and women. What is the meaning? despite slowing trend in economic growth this year but is not likely to be too severe because terkonter by the meaning of the number 4. This year also implied meaning there will be more women who are very brilliant career to beat the men.

Stock Market Prediction

Suggested for stockbrokers to concentrate and collect stock-related products – agricultural products, plantations and mining.

Prediction Culture

The market will tend to like movies, music or books with the theme of women or sentimental romantic story.

Prediction Nature

From the implied meaning of number 11 is also information about natural disasters preach both earthquake and catastrophic flooding. The trend occurred in the point of 45-90 degrees.

These are just predictions simply because only god who is most true of all his will.


1. Japan March 11, 2011, the day the tsunami accompanied the earthquake which struck the country in a video japanese

2. SEP.20,2011 CHINA To say floods have always been on the earth is idiotic and a pathetic attempt to deny God’s …. 7

3. The Thai government vowed Friday that Bangkok’s defenses will protect it from the worst flood waters in decades, which have devastated large swathes of the country and are now surging toward the capital. (Oct. 14)

4. CAGAYAN DE ORO (4th UPDATE) – President Aquino on Tuesday declared a state of national calamity in the wake of devastation brought by tropical storm Sendong.

Prediction Justin Bieber 2011, “Year of surprises”.

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Prediction Justin Bieber in 2011. In 2011 for Justin Bieber is identical to the numerical symbol 18. From the numerical meaning of symbols can be in the prediction of some events that may occur. Big plans at the beginning of the year, tours to Rome, a surprise mid-year, need a friend? There are also events to watch.

January 2011. In this period I saw it as an initial step to finalize all matters will be scheduled during the year 2011. I hope everything is organized neatly and correctly so that everything can run smoothly in line with expectations.

February 2011. In this period I saw the city of Rome does this mean that should something new this year at the start of this exotic city? I also saw a sense of your ego that culminated in this period. We recommend that you try to hold back and run in accordance with what has been planned in advance.

March 2011. In this period I see as a Justin Bieber blown by the wind. Perhaps this period who, though watch out because sometimes the wind is calm can turn into a tornado could destroy everything in its path.

May 2011. In this peroide I see ambition as well so tempestuous passion that matchless female figures tucked inside. Be alert to get past.

June 2011 – August 2011. In perode this is what I call a year full of surprises. This period is very dominant happen this year. Like someone who explore the depths of a cave, then when I got inside it will find many things that did not previously alleged.

September 2011. In this period I saw you how you need help, need a friend to share with each other. Are you currently in need of a lover? or anyone who is understand about yourself.

December 2011. In this period I saw an event that would have happened and can not be avoided. Be alert and self aware is the key to avoid it.

These are just mere prediction, because only God alone is the All-True over all His will.


1. Justin Bieber Concert in Indonesia (April 23) Justin Bieber Concert in Indonesia ( April 23) Justin Bieber Concert in ..

2. Jimmy Kimmel Live – Jimmy Surprises Bieber Fan

3. Indeed, in order to pull of this monumental stunt, Justin Bieber not only had to get Selena Gomez to go along with this secret part of their date, but the Biebs also had to literally shut down the 20,000-seat venue in order to pull off the big reveal.

Prediction of Queen Elizabeth II in 2011, “The year covered the funeral??”

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Prediction of Queen Elizabeth II 2011. In 2011 for the noble queen Elizabeth II is identical to the numeric symbols 86, the numerical description can be in the said several events that might occur. Hopefully, this prediction can be useful for the noble Queen Elizabeth II. Periods despite concern are:

21 January 2011-20 February 2011. In this period reflected a major event that will surely happen and can not be avoided. There is a picture of a very large wind and continuously hit.

21 April 2011-20 May 2011. In this period described as the glorious Queen Elizabeth II, despite the heavy burdens that befall him. Like behind every difficulty there is relief there is a way out.

21 May 2011-20 June 2011. In this period also reflected the joy of grief tucked inside.

21 July 2011-20 October 2011. This period was dominant this year. I also do not understand why at this stage as there will be recommendations for introspection, from which comes and will come back where? indeed as if the conversion phase to be the best man.

21 november 2011-20 december 2012. In the period has been described as a candle light illuminates every corner of darkness, but in the end could wax dim and die.

These are just mere prediction, because only true God alone is Supreme over all will – him.


1. Australia observes a day of mourning for the victims of bushfires which swept were joined by Princess Anne, on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II. ..

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