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Lady Gaga Predictions 2010, “Although wary at the end of the year … ..?”

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Prediction Lady Gaga 2010. In 2010 for Lady Gaga is identical to the symbol number 25. From this numerical symbol to read the dominant psychiatric conditions
this year. Conditions where, heart covered indecision, doubt in your choices. Required a advisers not to choose wrong. Health problems that need to be aware mainly related to the organs eyes, hands and lungs – lung. This prediction is dominant place between 28 June to 27 September 2010.

In this period is you must be alert and introspective. Picture looks like someone who was also his knees energy vortex that may be out of control. This prediction is dominant place between 28 September 2010 to 27 November 2010

These are just predictions alone, because God alone is supreme right over all of his will.

1. just got one at the event in appreciation of the AMA awards 2010. Here’s the list of winners from last weekend’s AMA

Prediction meaning unique numbers 10-10-10

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From metologi science that I learned to be disclosed the hidden meaning of the combination ladder 10 months 10 years 2010 or 101 010. Besides the unique look of this figure feels so easy to remember so many people who make this moment to be a historic day in starting something weddings for example.

Figures 1. This is addressing a new round in the life also informs something I wanted to look different when compared to the others. Always intending to be the first one is very familiar meaning in the community. Downside is that too high a sense of ego that I felt only the most important circuit number 1 1 1 = 3 shows the pattern of balance between input and output. The meaning of this balance is emphasized again with the view numbers 10-10 -10. Hopefully for those who took, bil this moment to hold a wedding ceremony can absorb a positive aura to balance the various things in his home life.

Figures 10. Symbols of fertility that connotes with water or ocean. Ocean is a source of endless resources for the exploration of its content by humans in the entire universe. This is good news, which probably will emit an aura of success and wealth for those who really believe it. Repetition rates 10-10-10 clarify the meaning of the above. The downside is sometimes the seas can destroy everything we have is like the Tsunami that had ever happened. The series of numbers 10 10 10 = 30, this figure confirms again feeling more superior owned, the positive aura emitted hard worker who is ready to conquer the whole world who are also lovers of beauty and women.

Note: If there are believed to be a disaster 10-10-10, which most likely is a water-related disasters.

These are just predictions alone, because God alone is supreme right over all his will.

Ella Bleu Travolta’s character Prediction

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From the date of birth, Ella Bleu Travolta information can be obtained as follows.

Equilibrium pattern. This child would listen more than talk.
A clever process that matters, sharp analysis that will be a wait for his opinion on when others could not decide, he is the solution.

Pattern leader. Gender does not limit himself to move, work according to what he wants. Ella Bleu Travolta will feel more comfortable if the work environment over the domination of men.

Regularity pattern. Discipline is born of capital he has, not a rebel melaikan an abiding principle, he would be comfortable if all goes according to the rules of the game.

Field Work. Profession recommended doctors, lawyers, advisors.

Physical weakness. Organs that may often experience health problems are ear, nose, throat and circulatory system.

Both collaborate with those who have a birth rate 11.19 and 27

These are just predictions alone, because God alone is supreme right over all of his will.

Prediction of health issues by date of birth

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We shall show them Our portents on the horizons and within themselves until it will be manifest unto them that it is the Truth. Doth not thy Lord suffice, since He is Witness over all things ?   (Quran 41:53)

1 =  Brain and stomach
2 =  Eye and liver
3 = ENT and heart
4 = Bone and lung
5 = Hand, joints and nerves
6 = Hand, joints and nerves
7 =  The bones and lungs
8 = ENT and heart
9 = The eyes and liver
10 = The brain and stomach
11 = The brain, eyes and liver
12 = Reproductive organs,ent and eye
13 =  Brain, ENT, bone and lung
14 = The brain, bones, hands, joints and nerves
15 =  Brain, hands, joints and nerves
16 = The brain, joints, nerves and lungs – pulmonary
17 =  The brain, lungs, heart and ENT
18 = Brain, heart, liver and eyes
19 = The brain, liver, stomach.
20 = eyes and liver
21 = eyes, brain and heart
22 = eyes, bones and lungs
23 = Eye, ENT, hands, joints and nerves
24 = eyes, bones, joints, nerves and hand
25 = eyes, hands, lungs and bone
26 = eyes, joints, nerves, heart and ENT
27 = eyes, lungs, liver and eyes

28 = Eyes, heart, stomach and head

29 = eyes and liver

30 = ENT and heart
31 =  ENT, brain, bone and lung

These are just mere prediction, because only God alone is the supreme right over all of his will.

Google Predictions 2010, “Many plans are not achieved …??”

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Prediction Google 2010. This year for goole identical to the symbol number 12. This figure inform you that google have one very big ambitions to remain the king of the world on line. Besides, more observant google begin counting again in the field of budget within the framework of the company’s financial efficiency. Two of these big plans start at google planned at the beginning of the year, precisely between 27 January 2010 to 26 March 2010. And Google will evaluate all work program between 27 December 2010 to 26 January 2011.

Happy birthday Mr. Google. Until this period are still many plans that have not been achieved, particularly the financial sector efficiency plan. Obviously there are feelings of frustration and even less confident that the show by some wisdom in the company’s decision. This prediction is dominant place between 27 September 2010 to 26 October 2010.

These are just predictions alone, because God alone is supreme right over all of his will.

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